Why double glazing is a must for any home

Double glazing technology has existed for decades and has been prevalent in the Hitchin, Luton and Milton Keynes now since the 1980s. Surprisingly, although it has been compulsory since 2002 for all new build homes to include double glazing installation, there is still a significant minority of homes that are still single glazed. Some of these will be for conservation purposes, but not all. So in an attempt to persuade the last few people to embrace double glazing we’ve listed the main benefits below.

glazing for windows

Reduction in heat loss

The loss of heat through single glazing increases energy usage and costs money. The gas, acting as an insulator within a double glazed glass unit, slows the transfer of heat between internal and external, providing more heat for the home. Double glazing doesn’t pay for itself overnight through savings on heating bills, but over time and combined with other features it does eventually.

Eliminate some of noise pollution

By installing double glazing in a home in Luton, Hitchin and Milton Keynes, you can expect to reduce noise transmission for outside by as much as half. If you’re experiencing noisy neighbours and you have thin paper walls, it won’t help much, but if you live near a busy road with HGVs and buses, it will make a noticeable difference.

No more sanding and painting

Unlike traditional timber windows, double glazing in uPVC requires very little maintenance. There’s no need to take the power sander out of the shed. A wipe down with soapy water is all the effort you will need to muster to keep double glazing looking like new.

So now you know why double glazing in your home in Luton, Hitchin and Milton Keynes is such a great idea, contact us today for further information and a free quote.