How to care for your double-glazed windows during the winter

During the winter, condensation becomes an issue in homes up and down the UK, as the cold air outside meets the warmth inside provided by central heating systems. As we blast out the heat and take warmer showers for longer, it heightens the condensation levels in the home. During the warmer months, the condensation isn’t a problem as our homes are well-ventilated as we fling open the windows to create much-needed airflow. However, in colder times, when the double-glazed windows remain firmly shut, the cool air remains within the home’s confines, eventually settling on the window frames and glass as condensation. If left unchecked, the moisture can cause double-glazing glass units to break down and mist up and mould spots can start to assemble on your walls and window boards. So, below we’ll provide some handy tips to keep your double-glazing in excellent condition during the winter.

Ensure there is some ventilation

uPVC window frames usually feature a small trickle vent at the top of the frame, and if yours don’t, then contact a double-glazing installer to have one fitted. A trickle vent works by providing the excess warm air that turns to condensation somewhere to escape. Trickle vents create an airflow that is lacking when windows are closed, and even a tiny gap can drastically limit the amount of condensation forming on your double-glazing units.

Clean your windows regularly

Although it may seem obvious, any credible double-glazing installer advises regular cleaning of your windows will keep them in the best condition. It’s essential to be thorough when cleaning the glass and frames, as depending on where the windows are located, it can be tricky to cover every spot where dampness or mould might lurk. Ask a family member to assist if it’s a physical struggle to reach certain places. Once the interior frames and glass are clean, concentrate on the outside of the windows, particularly the rubber gasket seal. Ensuring the exterior seal is clean and free of dirt will help prolong its use and prevent premature perishing and the internal misting up of double-glazed windows.

Don’t just ask, ‘is there double-glazing near me’ when it breaks down

When you find a misted glass unit in your windows, the question shouldn’t be, is there double-glazing near me? But it would be best if you were asking yourself where you can find a FENSA-registered glass installer. FENSA-registered installers are bound to comply with all building regulations and will issue a certificate once the glass installation is complete. With the increase in energy bills this winter, it might also be prudent to consider having A-rated glass fitted. An A-rated glass unit performs much better than standard double-glazing units by reducing heat loss by negating thermal bridging, which allows warm air to pass through the glass. If you notice multiple glass units breaking down simultaneously, then it might be time to look at replacing your double-glazing. If so, contact our team today for a free- no-obligation quote.