How to keep conservatories cool in a Milton Keynes summer

After the intense yet short-lived heatwave experienced in Milton Keynes and the rest of the UK, many conservatory owners will wonder how they can keep their summer hideaways cooler during extreme warmth. After all, conservatories are designed for relaxing during idyllic summer days and nights, so read on for some handy tips.


An essential factor in maintaining tolerable temperatures in conservatories is controlling the airflow. Having windows and doors open on each side of the conservatory will allow air to flow through the space producing a lower ambient temperature. However, you must be mindful of the air temperature outside because if it’s higher than the temperature in your conservatory, you’ll be letting warmer airflow inside. Ideally, you want to keep windows and doors open early in the morning and later in the evening to keep things comfortable.

Add some blinds

Pulling down the blinds is the best way to keep scorching, direct sunlight out of conservatories during the peak hours of sunshine. If you don’t already have some blinds, then you should consider getting some fitted. They are practical, look fantastic, and help keep the temperature down in your conservatory, but keep trickle vents open to allow airflow and reduce the chance of condensation forming.

Fit a ceiling fan

Conservatories are ideal for fitting large ceiling fans to keep you more comfortable in the summer. Many types are available, so get the correct size and a professional installation. If you own a conservatory in Milton Keynes and are looking for a modern replacement or refurbishment, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.