Cues that your home windows need replacing

Some property owners replace their home windows to increase their home’s energy efficiency, improve the aesthetic, or add value. Other homeowners only replace their windows when a repair is impossible, and new windows are the only viable option. We’ve developed a small checklist below to help you identify if your windows need replacement.

There’s visible damage to your windows

It would be fair to accuse us of stating the obvious, but if you have a single broken pane of glass or a uPVC window frame with a crack in the joint, then it’s probably time to look at replacements. It’s fair to say that replacement will be more cost-effective in the long term when cracks appear.

Openings become stiff and difficult to operate

Wooden window frames can become warped and distorted over time, and if not correctly maintained, the wood can become rotten, making opening, and closing difficult. uPVC frames can also suffer from problems with openers. The hinges, known as friction stays, can break if grit or debris gets inside the mechanism, but these are replaceable. However, if you notice bowing on the frame, it might be time to call in a professional to advise on a replacement. It’s crucial that you can easily always open your windows in case you ever need to get out of the house in an emergency.

Rotten or discoloured window frames

As mentioned earlier, if wooden window frames are not adequately maintained, they will start to rot. They require periodically sanding down and repainting before varnishing to protect them against the elements; otherwise, they will perish. Older uPVC frames tend to discolour as they age, and while this flaw may not require immediate replacement, it can detract from the house’s overall appearance.

Misted glass units

The issue of condensation inside glass units is specific to double glazing only. If you find misted units in your windows, it will result from a perished seal within the two panes of glass. Once the seal is compromised, the water vapour can enter the unit, leaving condensation on the glass. Although misted units don’t require a whole window replacement, if units within the same window keep breaking down, it might be a sign of a deeper root cause, such as a subpar installation.

Unnecessary noise pollution

Noise disturbance from outside sources only affects properties with single glazing; depending on where you live, it can be bearable. However, if you live in a busy urban environment, noise pollution can be detrimental to your quality of life. If this is the case, you should strongly consider installing double-glazing to provide the soundproofing you require.

Your energy bills are on the increase

Everyone’s energy bills are rising in 2022, but if you’ve noticed a steep rise in your energy costs unrelated to the change in tariff, it could be due to underperforming windows. Splashing out on double or even triple glazing should make some difference to your energy costs moving forward. If any of these signs of failing windows seem familiar to you, contact our team for a free quote on replacements.