Does extreme heat affect your double glazing windows?

If you’ve been outside in Milton Keynes recently, you might’ve noticed the weather has been a little warm, perhaps too warm? However, what happens to your double glazing windows in the extreme heat? We know that timber windows can warp; in the past, the same could’ve been suggested about uPVC.

There will always be some expansion in uPVC

Very few construction materials are unaffected by intense heat, and uPVC is no exception. The plastic material will expand during the summer, but not to the extent that you’ll be unable to open and close your windows, but why is this?

Double glazing frames include galvanised steel

Inside the core of the uPVC frame is a galvanised steel skeleton that makes double glazing reasonably unbreakable. The robust steel inner strengthens the windows and ensures that issues such as warping or cracking are a thing of the past. Whatever expansion occurs during the daytime sun will be minimal before contracting back to its correct size and shape later in the evening.

Invest in quality

Some double glazing windows on the market lack the robustness and durability of high-quality windows and can be prone to warping and cracking in extreme heat. Therefore it’s always best to pay a little extra to ensure your windows and doors withstand the weathering. If you own a property in Milton Keynes and want more information about the high-quality double glazing windows and doors we install, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.