Creating a cosy conservatory in the winter

In the summer, your conservatory provides the perfect spot to soak up the warm weather or entertain family and friends on a balmy summer’s evening. However, you may ask, ‘how do people with conservatories near me keep them warm in the winter?’ So, to stop your conservatory from becoming a deserted icehouse during the winter, we’ve put together some handy tips to keep your conservatory warmer and in use during those cold and frosty months.

Choose your glazing wisely

As a material, glass doesn’t have the highest insulating properties, meaning a conservatory with a dwarf wall and a lot of glass will be challenging to keep warm. Triple glazing will help retain more heat, but it’s worth researching the cost of A-rated glass to see if it’s within your budget, as it significantly reduces the heat lost through thermal bridging. Replacing all double-glazing units will be expensive, so concentrate on the largest panes of glass first.

Block those draughts

A draught in your conservatory will not only lessen your enjoyment of the space and potentially even cause neck pain, but it will undoubtedly prevent you from maintaining a comfortable temperature. Installing draught-proofing across all the doors and windows in your conservatory will create a stable temperature and stop those nagging draughts.

Consider installing curtains and using throws

Typically, people with conservatories near me tend to install blinds for privacy, but a set of curtains will help retain heat generated by your radiators much more effectively. Throws also offer a fantastic cheap method of removing the chill from any chairs or loungers in your conservatory.

Review your flooring

If your conservatory floor features tiles, they tend to be very cold underfoot during the winter, although they can look stylish and appealing. One expensive option to produce heat through the floor is to install undersoil heating. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to warm up your flooring, you can’t do much better than a large deep rug.

Roof insulation

If your conservatory is reasonably old, there’s a strong possibility it will have a polycarbonate roof. When these roofs were manufactured, the art of insulation was in its infancy, meaning polycarbonate is a poor insulator and a significant reason why some conservatories lose heat. Nowadays, the market offers many options for insulating your conservatory roof – from glass to tiled versions – all of which help retain heat, lessen energy costs, and create a more attractive look. However, replacing an entire roof is expensive, so you should balance the cost against how often you intend to use the space.

Install electric radiators

Electric radiators are great little devices for generating a lot of warmth for a space without costing a fortune to buy or run. They are highly efficient, transforming all the energy they consume into heat, allowing you to create a pleasant toasty environment in your winter conservatory.

Contact us today if your conservatory requires any repairs to prepare it for the coming winter.