Points to consider when buying conservatories in Milton Keynes

Conservatories in Milton Keynes used to be the sole preserve of the wealthy, but as prices have come down over the last couple of decades, more and more homeowners are taking the plunge and investing in a conservatory. Conservatories in Milton Keynes are stylish, embrace modern living and provide additional space for your property, which you can use in a multitude of ways. They provide supplementary light for your home, stay warm in the winter and can help keep the house cool with large amounts of circulating air in the summer. We’ve provided some points to consider if you’re looking to add a conservatory to your home.

What will be the primary purpose of the conservatory?

As mentioned above, there are many ways to utilise conservatories in Milton Keynes. The space might become a playroom for children, a sunroom or even a TV room. The purpose of the conservatory will have a significant determination in the overall design. For instance, if you are using it as a playroom, you might decide not to fit floor to ceiling glass, or if you’re creating an office space, you’ll need to consider installing extra sockets for the electrical equipment you’ll be using. Knowing the layout and materials required in advance will save time and money and may even influence where you locate your conservatory.

Determine the location of the conservatory

Factors such as overlooking windows might prohibit conservatories from being placed in the ideal location, but there is no limit to where you can situate your new area. The majority of conservatories are installed on the backs of properties where there is more space, and the double doors can open out into the garden, so the indoor becomes an extension of the outdoor. However, some lean-to conservatories are ideal for fitting on terrace houses on the side where the space is restricted or if the aesthetics dictate that a conservatory will look better on the side of your property. At Chiltern Home Improvements, we will always liaise with the customer to find the ideal location; always remembering that conservatories are best situated facing south to capture maximum sunlight.

Which style of conservatory will be most suitable?

Once you’ve settled on the application and location of your new conservatory, it’s time to consider which style will be most in keeping with your home and won’t stretch the budget. We provide and install all of the most common types of conservatory, including:

  • Victorian conservatories are known for their steep pitched roof and decorative ridges that suit both contemporary and period homes.
  • Edwardian conservatories incorporate a rectangular base wall with a pitched roof. They are generally more spacious than the Victorian style conservatory.
  • Georgian conservatories have a slanted roof with a dome that illuminates the conservatory interior with sunlight.
  • Lean-to conservatories have a subtle design that complements smaller properties and budgets.

If you would like the advice and expertise of a professional company with years of experience installing conservatories in Milton Keynes, contact us today.