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If your property still has traditional wooden frame windows and doors, or your first-generation uPVC needs replacing, then Chiltern Home Improvements can help. We are experts in the installation of uPVC double glazing, windows, doors and conservatories in Luton, and have built a solid reputation based on our professionalism and skill. Below we will run through how our services can transform and modernise your home.

Double Glazing in Luton
The benefits of double glazing installation are immediate:

  • You will notice a sharp decline in your energy consumption, in some cases as much as twenty per cent.
  • It will reduce the amount of condensation on the glass and frames
  • You will notice a decrease in noise pollution from the Luton streets outside
  • The only maintenance required is the cleaning of the glass and frames

Windows in Luton
There are various options when selecting which style of uPVC window to have installed to your property. Each has their specific benefits which we will outline below:

Casement windows – Casement windows are the most commonly installed window styles in Luton. Casement’s that open from the bottom with two side hinges are known as awning windows. Frames with a single side hinge will open from one side. These frames are simple to fit, easy to maintain and look fantastic in any home.

Tilt and turn windows – Tilt and turn windows open inwards like a front door and tilt at the top. By opening inwards, they enable easy cleaning, while allowing the window to tilt provides ventilation into the room.

Sash windows – If you own a period property and want to retain its distinctive appeal, traditional-looking uPVC sash windows are a fantastic option.

uPVC doors in Luton

uPVC doors in Luton

As well as standard uPVC doors, you may want to consider installing a composite door to your home. If you are looking to open up your house to your garden, then perhaps patio or French doors would provide a solution.

uPVC doors – uPVC doors, like windows, will reduce your energy consumption while providing an excellent security system. We can provide them with a full glass unit, a complete decorative panel or a combination of both. There is a dazzling array of PVC panels available to give your door a striking finish.

Composite doors – Composite doors consist of glass reinforced polyester and other materials to provide a durable and sturdy door for the security conscious. They are available in a wide variety of colours to suit all style of home.

uPVC Conservatories

Conservatories are an excellent way to create additional space that can be both attractive and practical. There are several common types of uPVC conservatory:

Victorian – Victorian conservatories combine a ridged roof with a rounded end wall. It creates a spectacular design but does limit the interior space.

Edwardian – Edwardian conservatories feature a ridged roof and rectangular brick base. They are spacious but also retain the traditional elegance of Victorian design.

Edwardian gable – A gable-end conservatory has a ridged roof that forms a gable end. One of the main benefits of gable conservatory design is the perception of interior space that it provides.


Selecting the right company for the installation or upgrade of existing uPVC is a difficult task. There is a wealth of options for windows, doors and conservatories, so you need a company that will offer the right advice. For more information on our double glazing services in Luton, contact a member of our sales team for a free, no-obligation consultation.