Conservatory Or Extension – What’s Right For Me?

Perhaps you want an entertainment area for guests or need more space for your growing family. You might simply be keen to create a place where you can relax and unwind. Both extensions & conservatories are big investments but they add space and value, as well as style and convenience. Before making any significant investment in your home, you must have all the right information to make a practical decision. Let us help you weigh up what options are best for your needs and budget.

The Pros of Conservatories
Conservatories are an ideal way to bring the outside in. You can enjoy the charming outdoors through the use of the high window and door layout. Conservatories usually have a high proportion of glass, so you can easily create a light, airy space.

There are many options when it comes to conservatory design like materials and types of doors and roof shape. They are so versatile and can be designed to suit any style of home or property.

A modern conservatory can really be used for any purpose. They can be used as a dining room, children’s playroom or even as a guest room.

The pros of Extensions
There are many options when it comes to design, size, shape and location. Whether you want to extend to the side, rear, or go up into your loft space, an extension gives you much more choice.

However, an extension may require planning permission and is much more expensive too.

In summary, there is no right or wrong choice here but a conservatory will leave you more money in your pocket and can be finished in a fraction of the time. Add to that planning permission and upheaval and the Conservatory probably wins in most cases.