Are you Investing in a New Conservatory?

Conservatories are the epitome of modern living and are a great place to relax and add a little more space to your property. This extra space can be used as a dinning room, a bedroom or an office. One of the great things about a conservatory is the way it stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer to enhance your property by providing some extra space and light. Chiltern Home Improvements Limited, we’ve been providing conservatories, doors, windows and Fascias in the Luton, Milton Keynes and Hitchin areas for years. We know that buying a conservatory is a big step and it is best to be armed with as much information as possible before you go ahead and buy, so we’re giving some things to consider, before you invest:

Location is one of the major things to consider before selecting a conservatory for your home. Most homeowners in UK add conservatories to the back of the property but there is no hard and fast rule. It might look better on the side of your home or in some cases  at the front. The conservatory installers can will give you all the options, it is usually best to have it facing south to maximise the sunlight.

Style and Type
There is a range of attractive looking styles to choose from from Victorian to Edwardian or modern. Edwardian styles have square fronts and a ridge in the centre of the roof, these provide plenty of practical space whereas Victorian conservatories are very popular with their stylish designs. These retain the central ridge with segments (three or five usually) at the front. Depending upon the style of the house one can choose the conservatory for their home. For example, if you have UPVC windows at your home then add a UPVC conservatory!

What will the conservatory be used for?
Before adding a conservatory you need to decide what you will be using the conservatory for. If you want to use it for dinning room then consider adding wooden floors; if you want to use it as an office, then add additional electrical outputs to plug in your computer equipment. A clear idea at the start can help you shape the room as per your taste and avoid costly changes down the line.