The benefits of French Doors

The most striking aspect of a French door beside their attractive look is the bounty of light that they allow into dining rooms or conservatories. Because the majority of the door is glazed, it means that light can enter unimpeded; something that solid wooden doors or uPVC with doors panels cannot offer.

The double door design of French doors enables you to open them out wide and let in the outside. In the summer, this can be particularly beneficial as they allow for an easy route from one room to the garden. French doors are an ideal choice if you frequently host barbecues or entertain friends during the more temperate months in Milton Keynes. Solid doors, while still aesthetically pleasing and secure, don’t offer the same sense of freedom and accessibility.

Although the majority of French doors are glass, they are still incredibly secure. The uPVC frames are steel reinforced with a multi-bolt locking system that means they are equal to any solid door in strength and security.

Types of French doors

There are several options available if you are considering having French doors installed in your home. Alongside traditional wood frames, they are supplied in aluminium and uPVC.

uPVC frames tend to be a popular choice for homes and conservatories because they are pleasing on the eye, easy to clean and maintain and have a lifespan greater than that of other materials like wood.

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