The advantages of woodgrain uPVC windows in Luton

There has been in the past, and still to some extent today, a snobbery that pervades uPVC windows from an aesthetic viewpoint and scorn pitched at uPVC windows in Luton with a wood grain effect finish, but no longer. At Chiltern Home Improvements, we want to acclaim the virtues of wood grain effect windows in Luton and demonstrate why they are a good investment for any property. First, we’ll start with the basics.

How do they create the woodgrain look?

Everyone is familiar with ubiquitous white uPVC windows in Luton, but perhaps less so with wood grain uPVC and how fabricators manufacture those windows. Woodgrain is more complex than you might imagine. The grain effect is a printed foil that comprises a primer, base film, printed film and a transparent layer that absorbs UV light and protects the layers beneath and the window frame. The foil is applied to the frame by a heat bonding technique that delivers a seamless finish that ensures the foil won’t distort or split.

Different types of a woodgrain finish

The rapid advancement in printing technology allows the development of woodgrain textures and colours into more realistic substitutes, constantly providing the customer with more choice. A range of finishes on the market now include:

  • Mahogany
  • Irish oak
  • Golden oak
  • Rosewood
  • And even white painted wood effect

As is evident in the wide choice of finishes and realistic textures, wood grain uPVC windows have a lot of positives. Still, before examining these advantages further, we’ll analyse the benefits of timber windows.

The highlights of having timber windows

The apparent edge that timber windows have over their plastic counterparts is their superior aesthetic through being natural and unique is truly ingrained in people’s minds. Due to this, people have a natural inclination to prefer timber windows. The other main advantage timber holds over uPVC is its ability to alter its image. You can’t paint uPVC, but with timber windows, you can give them a new lick of paint and remake the appearance of your home. However, this very notion of painting your windows is a drawback in itself, as you either carry out the maintenance on timber frames yourself or pay a professional to do it for you.

The benefits of uPVC woodgrain windows in Luton

There are numerous plusses to having woodgrain uPVC windows installed in your home instead of timber, with the most critical of these being the overall cost. If you have your entire set of windows and doors refitted, uPVC will provide a far cheaper alternative to timber if you are on a budget. The wood grain on the foil won’t fade or degrade, which means that your windows will potentially last for up to thirty years. In those thirty years, the amount of maintenance you’ll need to undertake will amount to cleaning the glass and frames to keep them looking stunning. And if you decide to sell your home, the woodgrain effect can potentially add to the value of your property.

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