Fascias in Hitchin, Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas

These are the essential elements which protect your roof, walls and window frames from the damage caused by leaks and penetrating moisture.

Soffits and Fascias

These two protective components are often confused with each other although they are separate parts which work together to protect the junction between your walls and your roof. Without this protection this is the area of your home most vulnerable to leaks so making sure these are in good condition will help prevent moisture entering your roof and walls, and in turn prevent mould and mildew.

You may be installing a new roof, or completing repairs, or your property may still be fitted with old timber fascias which are showing signs of damage or fatigue.

Modern soffits and fascias in uPVC are low maintenance, leak resistant and come in a wide choice of colours and textures that can look exactly like wood.

We have experience and expertise in fitting these crucial protective elements to your home.

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Alongside quality fascias and soffits rainwater drainage via guttering is of course essential to protecting your home. We provide the best in modern seamless gutters, which as the name suggests have no breaks along their length and are much more durable and high performing than older systems. We can replace part or all of your guttering as required.

In this area of home maintenance we know from experience that prevention is better than cure and we can be trusted to provide you with a competitive quotation and a reliable service.